Man charged with shooting off-duty officer at East Fork State Park Bail Bonds Increased

A Clermont County man who was initially released from jail after posting bail for allegedly shooting an off-duty Cincinnati Police officer and his son was taken back to jail after a magistrate raised his bond.

Wesley Seitz, 23, faces two misdemeanor charges of assault for Monday’s incident. The off-duty officer and his son were hunting in the woods at East Fork Lake State Park when they were hit with birdshot. The off-duty officer told a 911 call taker that the person who shot him took off in a red truck. Both are recovering at home.

Seitz initially posted $4,000 bail Monday and was released from jail, but when he pleaded not guilty to the charges Tuesday, Magistrate Anita Bechmann raised his bail to $75,000 cash.

His Clermont County bail bond was increased to $75,000 for Wesley Seitz during an arraignment hearing in Clermont County Municipal Court on May 23rd.

There’s no indication Seitz knows the Brockmanns, but he was ordered to stay away from them while this case unfolds.

He was also ordered to hand over any guns.

“In this particular circumstance it is part of the protection order that you not use, possess or carry any deadly weapons and turn them all over to the state highway patrol,” Magistrate Anita Bechmann said.

As a condition of his bail, Seitz will have to wear an ankle monitor if he is released.

Along with staying away from the victims, he’s also been ordered to stay away from East Fork Lake State Park.

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